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Haydn "The Creation" DVD

The Creation DVD SDG's DVD of The Creation (Die Schöpfung) is both a musical and visual feast. Filmed in the beautiful setting of Grote Kerk, one of the oldest churches in the Netherlands, Haydn's musical portrait of the mystery of Creation comes alive under the direction of conductor John Nelson.

Run time, 142 minutes, plus 40 minutes of bonus features. Subtitles in English/French/German/Spanish.

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Grote Kerk, Naarden, Netherlands
Grote Kerk, Naarden

A Crowning Achievement

After Handel's Messiah, Haydn's Creation is the most popular and most performed oratorio ever written. From the opening orchestral portrait of the beginning chaos, through to the crowning “Achieved is the glorious work,” the passion of Haydn’s music, and his exuberant joy in creation itself, resounds in the ears of all listeners. 

In the words of one reviewer, The Creation DVD from The Soli Deo Gloria collection is "the most enjoyable Creation I have seen. The visual aspects supply more interest and value than usual, from the light interiors of a plain Dutch church." (Fanfare).


The Conductor

"John Nelson’s energetic direction…certainly makes [its] mark here…the Netherlands Radio Choir sing with vigorous attack and a full, firm tone. Orchestral playing… is alert, with some delectable woodwind work…Camerawork throughout is sensible and unfussy, closely attuned to what is going on in the music."
—Richard Wigmore, Gramophone


John Nelson conducting
Maestro Nelson conducting
The Creation

"The Creation is definitely the crowning of Haydn's life . . . It is so full of enjoyment, of charm, of witty things. You can see Haydn smiling all the way through the piece. I think that's one of the reasons people love it so much. I don't think there is any composer who had more of a sense of humor than Haydn. He was just naturally given to fun, to joy, to humor ... and you find it all in this music."
—John Nelson


Media Reviews

"The Dutch orchestra's period-informed playing features some fine instrumental solos over the work's substantial course, and the choir responds sensitively to Haydn's rich, imaginative writing."
—George Hall, BBC Music Magazine


Haydn's Creation orchestra
John Nelson and the
Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and Choir

"This DVD…brings us a very serious performance that radiates constant joy. Lisa Milne and Werner Güra not only sing gloriously but express joyous feelings throughout. The bass gets to deliver all the heavy messages, and Matthew Rose never cracks a smile, but his superb singing (especially at low dynamic levels) adds to the rosy picture. Instrumentalists, too—flute, clarinet, and bassoon—seem to take enormous pleasure in delivering their solos ... I heartily recommend this DVD; it is the most enjoyable Creation I have seen…"—James H. North, Fanfare


"When I think upon my God, my heart is so full of joy
that notes dance and leap from my pen."
—Franz Joseph Haydn




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