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Handel: Oratorio Arias CD

Handel: Oratorio Arias

A beautiful collection of thirteen arias from Handel oratorios, including the Messiah, Belshazzar, Semele, Theodora, Saul, and Jeptha. Performed by countertenor David Daniels with John Nelson conducting the Paris Orchestral Ensemble

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Messiah, HWV 56: He was despised and rejected

Belshazzar, HWV 61: Destructive war, thy limits know

Belshazzar, HWV 61: O sacred oracles of truth!

Semele, HWV 58: Despair no more shall wound me

Semele, HWV 58: Your tuneful voice

Theodora, HWV 68: The raptur'd soul

Theodora, HWV 68: Kind heaven, if virtue be thy care

Theodora, HWV 68: Sweet rose and lily

Saul, HWV 53: Brave Jonathan

Saul, HWV 53: O Lord, whose mercies numberless

Jephtha, HWV 70: Dull delay in piercing anguish

Jephtha, HWV 70: Up the dreadful steep ascending

Theodora, HWV 68: From virtue springs each gen'rous