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“Music is not part of ‘arts and entertainment’ as the newspaper section would have us believe.

"It’s not a luxury, a lavish thing that we fund from leftovers of our budgets …

"Music is a basic need of human survival. Music is … a way for us to understand things with our hearts when we can’t with our minds.”

—Dr. Karl Paulnack, in a welcome to parents of incoming students at The Boston Conservatory



Who needs classical music?

Have you ever talked with someone after a concert who said they had no idea such powerful sounds existed?

Have you ever felt chills down your back when listening to a particularly intense work?

Have you ever been moved to tears by expressive choral singing?


Chicago Bach Project choir

SDG’s ongoing mission is to create music that will do all of the above! 


And the ONLY way we can continue to do this is with your help.


We exist because people like you care that classical sacred music continues to exist.




Putting your money where your heart is has never been easier.

Mobile giving is easy and convenient. But until now, SDG has not had a mobile giving platform. 

Well, all that has just changed. We have set up a sweet little phone app called “GIVELIFY” that also works on your laptop or computer.  It's easy, and your funds go directly to SDG, to the heart of our music-making mission.  No middle person. Just you putting your money to use where it matters most to you.


Will you  help us test the GIVELIFY app?  

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If you want to try out the GIVELIFY app on your smartphone, three steps will get you up and running. After that, you can tap and give whenever the spirit moves.

• Install the GIVELIFY app on your smartphone.

• Set up your personal account.

• Select SDG Music Foundation as your charity of choice. Click on the “Search” button and type in SDG Music Foundation plus the city and state, Glen Ellyn, IL; or zip, 60137. (On some phones, you may need to select "Charity" instead of "Worship" or "Place of Worship" to find SDG.)

Once you're set up, TAP the "Donate" button, choose your amount, and tell us how you'd like your contribution to be used.