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From the archival recording of the world premiere, performed by the L’Ensemble Orchestral de Paris under the direction of John Nelson.

Window Rock: Peter's Dawn audio courtesy of L'Ensemble orchestral de Paris.

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Dr.George Arasimowicz has received fellowships, awards and commissions from numerous organizations including The National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Radio, Guggenheim, Fromm, and ArtsLink/Soros foundations, Canada Council, Alberta, California, Colorado, Illinois and Ontario Arts Councils. At the time of this commission, Dr. Arasimowicz was the Dean of Arts, Media and Communications at Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL).

Window Rock - Peter's Dawn

George Arasimowicz
Window Rock - Peter's Dawn

DURATION: 25 minutes
Orchestral tone poem portraying the scriptural account
of the life of the Apostle Peter.





World Premiere
December 2000
L’Ensemble Orchestral de Paris
John Nelson, conductor
Théâtre des Champs-Élysées
Paris, France

December 12, 2000,marked the world premiere of Soli Deo Gloria's first commissioned tone poem, Window Rock: Peter's Dawn by George Arasimowicz. This 25-minute orchestral piece captures the dramatic complexities of the Apostle Peter’s life, with its elements of faith and doubt.

Arasimowicz sought to portray “two faces” of Peter: the “activist,” who cut off the ear of a soldier who came to arrest Jesus in Gethsemane and, later, denied three times that he ever knew Jesus; and the “reflective,” who saw the empty tomb and contemplated Jesus’ appearance after the resurrection. In Peter, Arasimowicz saw what he called "the dramaturgy of human lostness":


"My former experiences taught me much about mankind's hardship with life and confirm what I discover today in the scripture record of Peter the man.

"In my day I tasted of the tragedy and rebirth of Poland. Studying at Chopin University in Warsaw, it was my lot to be in Gdansk, the seaport town that held the Lenin Shipyards. I was there that day when Lech Walensa stood high on the wall and with a megaphone withstood the communist lords of his country. I remember well the long queues faced by the average Pole for bread, shoes, or sugar. Thus was born the Solidarity movement leading to freedom from communism. Out of such struggle and sorrow came the resurrection of a nation. And I was there.

"I see in Peter his own moments of lows and highs that led to his ultimate finding of himself through the events of the denial, the cross and the resurrection of Jesus whom he loved and tried so hard to understand."—George Arasimovicz

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L'Ensemble orchestral de Paris rehearsing for the premiere of Window Rock: Peter's Dawn  

Window Rock: Peter’s Dawn was premiered in Paris by L’Ensemble orchestral de Paris at the historical Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, and subsequently performed by the Saarbrucken Radio Symphony Orchestra for live radio broadcast.