Performed by:

John Nelson, conductor
Orchestre de Paris
Choeur de l'Orchestre de Paris
Choeur d'enfants de l'Union Européene
Roberto Alagna, tenor
Marie-Claire Alain, organ

Listen: Te Deum

Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2 

Excerpt 3: Te ergo quaesumus

Excerpt 4: Tibi omnes

Excerpt 5: Tu Christe rex gloriae


Audio courtesy of EMI Classics.


Te Deum CD

Berlioz Te Deum CD John Nelson conducts a thrilling performance of one of Berlioz’s largest works, the dramatic choral setting of the Te Deum for two choirs, children’s chorus, obbligato organ, tenor soloist and large orchestra.

2001 EMI Virgin Classics

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This recording of Berlioz's complete 1855 score can only be described as triumphant.  The colossal musical requirements for the Te Deum call for an organ that can dialogue on equal terms with a large orchestra, along with massive choral forces, including two choirs and a children's chorus. The late Marie-Claire Alain performs majestically on the famous Cavaillé-Coll organ at the Madeleine Cathedral in Paris. Nominated for the Grand Diapason d'Or Prize.


"A highly recommendable recording, which captures something of the large scale of Berlioz's creation."—MusicWeb International


“The Berlioz Te Deum has been relatively neglected on disc in comparison with his other major works. This...version has John Nelson as an incisive, understanding conductor of Berlioz, revelling in the weight of choral sound, balancing his forces beautifully.”—Gramophone Classical Music Guide 2010


"Exceptionally, this performance includes the two extra pieces added by Berlioz for the ceremony of the first performance in St Eustache, the ‘Marche pour la présentation des drapeaux' and the almost never heard ‘Prélude' before the ‘Dignare'...indicated by Berlioz to be included only for a ceremonial or military occasion)."—International Record Review