Daniel Kellogg
The Fiery Furnace

Mixed chorus (SATB), tenor, bass soloists & orchestra
DURATION: 35 minutes
TEXT: story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the fiery furnace from the Old Testament book of Daniel.
Dramatic oratorio in seven movements, performed without break, that encompasses moments of tenderness, clashing dissonance and triumphant joy.



World Premiere
April 2008
San Diego Symphony
San Diego Master Chorale
Nicholas Phan, tenor
Steven Richardson, bass
Jahja Ling, conductor
Symphony Hall
San Diego, CA


San Diego Symphony rehearsing The Fiery Furnace  

The Fiery Furnace is an oratorio in seven movements, performed without break. The text is based on the Old Testament story of three men who were rescued by an angel from death in a blazing furnace, where they had been thrown for their refusal to bow down to an idol erected by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon.

I. Prayer of the Israelites
II. Nebuchadnezzar erects an image of gold
III. Praise for the image of gold
IV. Refusing to worship the image of gold
V. Prayer of hope
VI. The burning fiery furnace
VII. Praise the God of Judah


"The story of Daniel and the fiery furnace has a wonderful dramatic arch that works well for oratorio style story telling and offers many musical possibilities. There is the wild music that calls people to worship the image of gold, the terrifying music that accompanies the scene of the furnace, and the ecstatic music of praise that ends the story. In addition to passages from Daniel 3, I use passages from Daniel 9 (Daniel confesses the corporate sins of Israel and asks for God's mercy). and numerous Psalms. These extras passages flesh out the thoughts and prayers of the Israelites and the three Jewish advisors who are thrown into the furnace with Daniel. A tenor sings the part of one of the priests and a baritone sings the part of King Nebuchadnezzar. The chorus echoes the thoughts of the soloists as they sing parts of both the Israelites and the people in the land of Babylon."   —Daniel Kellogg

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Daniel Kellogg reflects on the experience of composing The Fiery Furnace


Jahja Ling conducting  

The Fiery Furnace was given three performances by the San Diego Symphony, under the direction of Maestro Jahja Ling.

The San Diego Master Chorale won the 2009 Chorus America/ASCAP Alice Parker Award for their collaboration with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra for their performance of The Fiery Furnace.




"[This] oratorio is a wonderful composition. [Kellogg’s] writing for the soloists and chorus shows a great understanding of the expressiveness of the human voice. His orchestra writing is simple but profound.”—Jahja Ling, conductor of the San Diego Symphony(from the San Diego Union-Tribune)