Matching Gift Challenge

matching gift

SDG has been presented with an exceptional challenge to match donations totaling $50,000. Reaching that goal will enable SDG to proceed with four exciting projects.

If your life has been touched by sacred music, if sacred music is important to you, we ask you to consider how you can help impact of classical sacred music for generations to come.


matching gift image “From the start, the vision for SDG has been to further sacred choral/orchestral literature by commissioning major new works, funded by supporters who are excited about creating a new body of music inspired by sacred texts.

“At this point in its history, SDG is making a renewed commitment to its roots not only by commissioning significant new works, but also by taking seriously the establishment of its commissions as part of the repertoire by securing multiple performances.”

—John Nelson, Founding Artistic Director




Four remarkable projects

If you can help SDG reach $50,000 in matching gifts, we can move forward with four remarkable projects.


1) new Psalms Project concert in Chicago, highlighting the best of the Psalms Project CDs

Chicago Cultural Center

November 6, 2016
Chicago Cultural Center

Cor Cantiamo performs SDG Psalms Project commissions at Chicago Cultural Center





2) new CD, Psallite II, featuring 10 SDG Psalms Project commissions (5 more are included on the first Psallite, released to great acclaim this spring)

Psallite II CD

Summer 2016 recording
Spring 2017 release
Cor Cantiamo records second Psalms Project CD








3) new Mass to be premiered at St. Bonaventure University, in collaboration with Houghton College and the Buffalo Chamber Players, followed by a New York premiere at The Cloisters of The Metropolitan Museum, and then on to Austria and back to Houghton College

Fabio Luisi

September 17, 2017

World Premiere, St. Bonaventure University, in collaboration with Houghton College and the Buffalo Chamber Players
September 19, 2017
New York Premiere, The Cloisters of the Metropolitan Museum of Art




4) new Passion to be premiered at the Oregon Bach Festival, followed by performance and recording by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Danielpour

Summer 2018 premiere
SDG co-commissions full-length oratorio
"The Passion of Yeshua"
with Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Oregon Bach Festival






“Sacred music offers qualities that are increasingly rare across modern culture:
an unhurried pace, a sense of certainty and a strong, selfless passion.”
—Jon Pareles, The New York Times

Every Gift Matters

Please help us reach this $50,000 matching goal.

Click here to donate online, or phone SDG at 630-984-4300. 

You can also download a donation form and use it to mail your gift.

If you would like your contribution to be ear-marked for one of these projects in particular, please indicate this when you make your donation.